My Review: Underfloor Heating

What I will be writing about in this post is my review on underfloor heating. I recently had underfloor heating installed in my home around 6 months ago, so I guess it’s enough time for me to write a solid opinion about them.

Underfloor Heating

First of all, underfloor heating provides me with warm floors, who doesn’t want warm floors? So that’s a positive, the heating system also seems to have a very equal heat distribution and because the heat travels from the ground up it feels really comfortable. The heating system is out of the way and doesn’t require any maintenance. One of the best things I have noticed whilst having underfloor heating installed is that the heating system is very cheap to run, this allows to save money over time whilst having lovely warm rooms and flooring to accompany it, however it’s not all perfect.

Some of the negative sides of having underfloor heating is that your rooms can take a little longer to get to the desired temperature because the underfloor heating only runs on low temperatures. The heating system is only really practical for those who are having house work done too and the system also requires your flooring to be raised just enough to fit it in.

Overall I am very pleased with underfloor heating and the benefits out way the negatives by a mile and I do recommend to others.

New Central Heating System

I have been having a lot of issues with my heating. These issues have been occurring for a long time. The issues I was having where that my heating didn’t seem to to be giving out the heat it should be giving and the heating would take a very long time to even get to half the temperature it was set to. As you can imagine, this was a serious money drain because I had to keep the heating on constantly.


After a while of putting up with my poor heating system I decided to call an emergency plumber for quick and efficient action. The plumber was a great guy he gave my heating an inspection and come up with the conclusion that my heating was severely damaged due to them being really old and not maintained and I would have to purchase a new central heating system. I was devastated about this but I knew it had to be done but I don’t regret it at all. I have a brand new heating system that looks as good as it works

My Passion For Watches

I am a man who loves watches. I have been wearing watches since I was a young boy. I have always loved watches, I love the way they look the mechanisms of a watch and how time works. For this main reason, because watches are my passion, I have opened up a watch store in Jewellery Quarter Birmingham showcasing and selling luxury watches. I do offer a range of different styles and types of watches for him and for her but my most common and popular range are watches for men.

gucci watch

The reason why I chose to set up my watch store in Jewellery Quarter is because I was born and raised in Birmingham and have lived here all my live so I couldn’t think of a better place to continue my passion in the heart of Birmingham’s finest jewellery, the Jewellery Quarter. The Jewellery Quarter is a busy place packed with the finest jewellery near the all famous city centre.

Importance of water

Land drainage is very important the reason why is because there needs to be control over the the amount of water that falls on Earth to control flooding and many other reason. The Earth is around 80% water but only around 10% of which is drinkable, because the sheer amount of water on earth flood prevention is crucial this water that is drained away will then be treated so it can be re used. This ongoing collection and treatment of water is great for the eco system and for us to survive.


Land drainage can be found almost everywhere from our homes to farms, businesses to institutions. A land drainage pipe can also be used to to collect water for personal use, this is known as rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is collecting run off rain water  which then leads through a filtering system and then stored in a water tanks ready for use whatever the purpose may be.

Underfloor Heating Facts

In this post I will be covering my opinions on underfloor heating and the positives along with the negatives on underfloor heating in general.


  • You will have lovely warm floors
  • The heating is out of the way and hidden
  • There is an equal spread of heat for perfect heat distribution
  • There is little to non maintenance required
  • You will save around 15 – 30% on heating bills
  • Theres no need for radiators, this will allow you to have more space to work with
  • It has low running costs


  • Its only really suitable to install for housing already having construction work
  • You have to raise the floor in order to fit it in
  • it can take a while to heat up your room
  • it runs on low temperatures
  • It’s not easily accessible
  • It doesn’t exactly work on carpeted floors as well

Overall, I really like underfloor heating and it is perfect, well at least for me. I love the fact the the floors are always warm and the that there aren’t any cold spots as well as the efficiency of the system itself.

Wedding Planning

Planing a wedding can be very stressful depending on how big of an event you want to make it. Wedding planing isn’t easy either, theres many things you will have to plan and do. The obvious tasks are sending out wedding invitations, choosing the dates, choosing your wedding car, choosing your venue and managing your money are a few main stresses of wedding planning however, theres other costs that may be over looked.

jewellers in west midlands

Jewellery, gold jewellery, diamond jewellery whatever jewellery that you like to wear will cost a lot of money, especially engagement rings. Wedding rings are another very expensive necessity, but that is not the only thing that you may need. You may want to purchase necklaces, earrings, wedding dresses and shoes! These costs will all add up so it is very important you have your money management in shape. Once you have bought everything you need you can now take a deep breathe and try to relax. This can be hard for many, as the wedding day comes closer you will get more anxious to make sure everything goes to plan, but don’t worry, i am sure it will!

Do You Own a Large Property?

If you own a large property lets say, for example, a large field or own a really big garden. To keep it looking lush, green and well maintained the land will require a lot of watering. Watering the whole land can be an issue due to the access of your water supply. This can also be very using your water supply directly from your tap. A great way to save money and have easy access to water whenever you like is by purchasing a water tank.

A water tank is basically one very large container where you can store a load of water. Water tanks can range up to sizes of 25,000 litres. A water tank can be placed where ever you like and is easily moveable (depending on size).

Another great way to keep your land watered is by harvesting rainwater. Rain is a perfect resource when it comes to naturally watering your land, however, you can also benefit form this free resource by collecting rain water. Allowing you to save money over time. This procedure will require a bit of plumbing work and you will need  a mixture of perforated, non perforated and twin wall piping.

Bathe in Luxury

Are you bored of laying in a bathtub and trying to relax using common techniques that get repetitive? Are these techniques not working as well as they should be? Are you in need of a deep muscle and mind relaxation? If the answer to these questions are yes, then you will find what I am writing in this post very interesting, if they don’t, never mind you may still find get some great tips.

hot tubs

I use to bathe in my bathtub after a hard days work. There nothing like having a long soak and closing your eyes to relax to try and relieve stress while relaxing your muscles but sometimes this technique can be less efficient and not practical. I tried many different ways to get a deep relaxation and I did some research and I came across some cheap hot tub. I was very interested in purchasing a hot tub after reading about how they have helped people achieve the relaxation they required. I purchased my hot tub online and  I am really pleased with my purchase. The hot tub is amazing because the warm jets of water are positioned in the perfect areas and mine comes with a cup holder.

Why I Cleaned My Ducts

There are many reasons why you should clean your ducts. Many of which I found out about and thats what made me research more into how I should get them cleaned and what I should be looking out for in order to know if my ducts need cleaning or not. There are few things you need to look out for many of which are easily noticeable.

Things you need to look out for

  • Look out for piles of dust that are built up in your duct
  • Cobwebs and dead insects
  • insect dropping

Things that aren’t visible

  • Bacteria that can build up inside your air ducts
  • insect that could possibly be breeding deep down your ducts
  • contaminated air

Air duct cleaning is important for those reasons above, especially when it comes down to bacteria that can be harvesting inside your air ducts and spreading through the air via the ventilation system. This can cause everyone in the vicinity to fall ill and it will contaminate everything around it.

The reason why I cleaned my ducts was because I suffer from bad asthma  and I get easily irritated by dust so I wanted to make sure my ducts were clean to prevent unclean air from affecting my breathing and health

Perfect Front Garden

My front garden is pretty big it’s long and can fit 3 cars on the drive and theres a quite a large patch of grass next to it. I decided I wanted to make my front garden something unique and something I would be proud have having whilst catching the eye of others.

black granite toles

I decided I wanted to get my driveway black granite tiled. I knew this would have been very costly and extremely hard to perfect but It was what I wanted and it looked amazing. There was a major issue in terms  of the underground drainage in my property, this lead to there being an ugly manhole on my driveway. I decided to get a custom manhole cover made with a layer of granite on top of the actual cover but it wasn’t an easy task trying to get the tiling to even out with the manhole where it was. The outcome was a lot better than I expected, very pleased. As dar as the garden goes the gentleman did an amazing job with turning into something totally unique.

A Surprising New Installation

So I recently started some house work. I wanted to change my flooring throughout the house and this is far from an easy task as you can imagine almost everything you own sits on the floor and they all has to be shifter elsewhere before you can even think about starting. Moving all our possessions was a complete hassle but I really wanted and need to change the flooring. It was dated and looked horrible. When we finally shifted the furniture and flooring the builder advised me to think about under floor heating and how it would be a great purchase for me and my family. Seeing as though the hard work was already done i.e, moving the furniture and flooring a did some research on the heating system itself. I was very interested in installing this system as there were a range of different benefits from it including warm floors, equal heat distribution and no need for the boiler or radiator. I asked the builder if he could help me out with the installing of the heating system. He a had a few people come round who were very professional and installation was very quick and easy.

Drainage Solutions

I recently started a big project on my home, the project was a whole new extension to home. Within that extension there was going to be a games room and a fully functional bathroom. Ever since I was a child I always wanted to have a games room in my house, kind of like a arcade, but my parents never agreed and also didn’t have the money to make it happen. I decided I will make it my goal to have a games room in my home, the bathroom is for my wife and for guests mainly. The games room is ideal for the kids too as they really enjoy games as much as I do, thankfully, so I also had an excuse to go through with it.

The bathroom was the most annoying part, because the bathroom was separate from the plumbing and underground drainage of the home we had to do a lot of hard work to fix this problem. This wasn’t easy because the drainage was deep and not easy to access. The land drainage was pretty straight forward.

Overall at least the games room wasn’t too difficult to build and the extension didn’t take years so I was happy and my wife and kids are happy too. I also have the games room i’ve always wanted.

Don’t Let Pests Takeover Your Home

Your home is your property. It is a place where you eat, sleep, grow. A home is also a place where families grow, relationships build and an ultimate haven. A home is also a place where you can be secure from the outside world and feel comfortable and protected, so, the last thing you wan’t to happen is for something to disrupt that sense of security and comfort in your own home. Your home is relatively secure from intruders but it’s the little ones that can access your property in other ways apart from your front door, such as ventilation systems, plumbing and any other gaps. There is no way to tell exactly how they entered your property and simply killing may leave you thinking it has gone but while in your home and out of sight they may be re producing and little do you know could be the start to an infestation.

pest control birmingham


If this is the case and your home is infested please us at You can trust us to provide you with a high quality service throughout Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Lichfield, Tamworth and surrounding areas.

We Are Both Ready

My partner and I have been dating for a few years now, I have never been so happy with her. I can’t imagine my life without her now its been so long and we have both decided it’s time to get serious about the relationship. We already moved out with each other and we both are on full time jobs and earn enough to settle down nicely. To make this relationship serious we both decided together to take the big step and get married!

jewellers in west midlands

Yes this is the best choice we are ever going to make and to make it together is going to be the best part of it. I want to get her a diamond wedding ring and really nice one.  I want it to be the finest of quality because nothing is too good for her, she deserves the best. I wanted certified diamonds. Just so I can clear my conscious of them being real and not 100% pure. Diamonds look very similar to normal cubic zirconia. In the end I found the perfect wedding ring now its just the preparation for the big day!

Fuss Free Languages

I’ve been saving up for a long time now and I finally have the money and skills to go through with my plans. I am so excited to see what the future holds in Spain! Now to explain further on what my plans where, I been wanting to move to Spain for a very long time but I needed to learn their language and also save up the money, paper work and agreements. For me saving up the money wasn’t the hard part of the step, for me it was learning the language.


I found a local instructor with the language areas I needed which was Spanish. I wen everyday I could possibly fit in to make it after work to learn the language. I was extremely committed so I don’t waste any time. The tutor was amazing he gave me great tips and tricks to learn the language my way and learn to the best of my potential. I learnt the language without any problem and here I am writing this blog from my new home in Spain!

Move With The Digital World

Resources for finding products and services have changed massively over the last decade, and year upon year we see paper directories such as the yellow pages becoming smaller as less and less businesses decide to advertise through them. This is due to the rise in the digital world, and the availability of the same information, products and services through the internet.

But how do you get yourself found online? The search engines work on displaying the most relevant and up to date information for a specific search term, but there are ways to get your website up to the top within your selected products and services keywords. You need to be at the forefront to ensure you’re converting any leads and not losing them to your competitors.

Using a specialist like an company who provide SEO Leamington is important to make sure you’re business is maximising it’s online potential and getting the most out of it’s website. What’s the point in having yourself down on page 10 where nobody is going to look that far to find you!

To find out more about SEO or online marketing take a look at SEO Silly at the link below to learn more!

The Revolutionary Heating System

I’m introducing to you today the revolution in heating systems. The heating system that will change your life. Right now you may be thinking that that is a very big statement to be making, and that is correct but, I can prove it.

We all know how annoying it is trying to re-arrange furniture and but you run into problems because theres a radiator in the way. The times when you’re in a rush to go to the kitchen and you forget your slippers and the floor is freezing.  The times when you stand next to the radiator because the rest of the room is still cold. Well, here’s the solution.

Underfloor heating. Thats’s right, say no to radiators taking up space, cold floors and cold spots. Underfloor heating is a revolutionary way to keep your entire house warm.

My Review: Hamlingtons

So I was shopping around online for jewellery in my area. I went through many sites and after hours of searching I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of variety in the jewellery I was coming across. I was looking for something unique yet stylish.

I decided to search a little more because I was unsatisfied, luckily for me a found a perfect jeweller in my area. Hamlingtons offered me a wide range of quality jewellery. They had what I was looking for too. What surprised me the most was the amount of areas they cover. There stores are spread across the Midlands and showcase many of the products seen online.

Imagine finding a mouse in your bedroom..

The title of this post really says it all, and after coming home the other day, opening the door to find a mouse running around my bedroom I was absolutely petrified and didn’t know how to react – so I slammed the door shut and decided what was the best cause of action to take.

I decided to look online for local pest controller in Birmingham and came across a company called E-Pest control who specialise in services in the West Midlands, dealing with a range of things such as foxes, moles, rats and most importantly mice! So after giving them a call and explaining to the person on the phone what had happened they sent a controller out to my home.

pest control birmingham


They came in and did a fantastic removal job and to our shock when the guy arrived, it was not only one mouse, it was 4 mice who had been causing chaos. After the removal they also installed preventative measures to make sure the problem did not return in the future. One of the best in Birmingham I must say. They have a fantastic reputation and definitely lived up to that, I will sure to be telling my friends about E-Pest Control. You can check out what they do over at their website link below:

Fancy Watches


Watches are such a simple accessory yet so common. Watches are generally worn to keep track of time wherever you go but in the 21st century watches are more than just a handy item. Watches now are highly fashionable and also in high demand. Watches also come in many different shapes and sizes. Theres also watches for men and watches for women.

choosing the right style all depends on what you are looking for wether its a diamond watch or a simple retro watch. Theres plenty of styles to match any outfit. So why waste time? Buy your perfect watch now.

Make Sure She Says Yes!

If you’re reading this blog you may have been thinking recently its time to ask your special one the big question, as you have decided its finally time to tie the knot and that you really want to spend the rest of your life with them. Although a wedding takes a huge amount of planning and preparation, so does a marriage proposal if you want it to be a special one and make sure that the answer is yes!

Shopping for engagement jewellery isn’t easy but if you’re in the Midlands then the jewellery quarter is a great place to start your search for engagement rings in Birmingham, with a huge selection of independent family run jewellery stores, with a host of restaurants, bars and even a museum to provide the ultimate shopping experience for you.

engagement rings birmingham


Make sure you get the answer you are looking for with a quality engagement ring. Prestigious shops such as Design Centre and many more are located in the jewellery quarter so take a look online today at some quality engagement rings at unbeatable prices. Some of the finest quality diamond jewellery rings you will find.

Getting The Best From The Gym

In the post christmas and new year rush, everyone’s goal is to lose those extra pounds you probably gained over the festive period – and there’s a huge influx of new members signing up to gyms across the country in order to achieve this aim.

But achieving these goals of weight loss can be tough if you don’t train correctly and maintain a strong diet alongside this. Using a suspension trainer is a fantastic method to help you tone up and lose weight in an effective manor.

suspension trainer


Suspension and TRX training helps you to isolate individual areas of your body and focus work here if you’re only looking to tone specific parts. People have also seen an increased amount of weight loss when using resistance training methods, this is because of their unique nature they help the body burn fat quicker. For more information about TRX and Suspension Trainers, and where to buy your own kit, take a look at the Kinectivate site below.

Your One Stop Print Solution

When it comes to your business printing requirements, there’s plenty of things you are left to think about including business cards, leaflets, brochures and plenty more. But you don’t want to be calling around all different companies when you can get these services all in one place from your all in one print solutions such as Big in Ink in Birmingham.

They are a fantastic company offering printing Birmingham across a wide range of platforms like those mentioned above. They can cater for small, medium and large scale businesses – so no job is too small or too big! This is fantastic and I think the aspect that tops it all off is the quality of the printing is second to none.

printing birmingham


Services aren’t limited to just Birmingham as their shipping is nationwide so no matter where you are in the country, its definitely worth getting in touch with Big in Ink for a quote to see how they can take your business forward, by leaving a long lasting and quality impression with customers.

Need a New Bathroom

Getting a new bathroom can be a long winded and costly process, but the final results can be absolutely fantastic. And the investment can be great for you in the short term, but also in the long term if you come to sell your home, as it can give you a nice increase to the value of your property when it comes to moving.

bathroom fitter


Finding a company who provide quality bathrooms at a good price is difficult, so its important to look around on the web to find a quality designer and fitter, who is going to provide you with a quality outcome. There are plenty of tradesmen websites advertised online to compare local people, but the results of these can be manipulated by fake reviews so you must be cautious if you are going to take this route.

I took some advice off a friend who had recently had their bathroom redone by a local plumber in Wolverhampton who did a fantastic job for them, and to no surprise did a fantastic job for me too!

Head over to their site if you’re in the West Midlands

The Pest Problem

If you’ve ever had a pest problem in your home then you will know how much of an issue this can cause to both you and your home. It can be costly and damaging the longer you leave it so it’s a great idea to contact a professional pest company to sort out the issue. Trying to sort it out yourself may only be a temporary solution to the problem and you need to make sure it doesn’t return in future.

E-Pest Control are the leader in pest control in the West Midlands and they have some fantastic information available on their site over at on the different types of rodent and pest that may effect your home – and how they can effectively remove this for you.

pest control

Find Your Gift

When a family member or friends birthday comes around, you may have difficulty deciding what to get them as a present. Sometimes you find yourself asking ‘what do I get someone who has everything?’ well we have the answer, and it’s not chocolate or flowers – its jewellery! We spend a lot of our time analysing some of the jewellery quarter shops, but today is different as we explore what the rest of the Midlands has on offer.

jewellers in west midlands


There’s a huge selection of jewellers across the West Midlands providing a wide selection of fantastic jewellery to meet your every need. Although the quarter is the heart of this, there are plenty of other area’s outside Birmingham’s city centre such as jewellers in Coventry, Kenilworth and Leamington Spa just to name a few of these!

So make the day one to remember for your special loved one or friend with a beautiful jewellery gift. Long lasting and able to meet almost any budget you can always find something to get.

Part Time Work?

Sometimes you need that little bit of extra income in life whether it to meet rent or card payments, or whether you’d like to save up and book the holiday of a lifetime to an exotic destination like the Maldives? All of us could do with that bit of extra cash, but coming by it is more difficult than you may find.

Today we are going to be looking at an upcoming industry which is commonly misconceived, and this is escorting. This is providing the service of your companionship and time to an individual, attending things like corporate events and parties, dinner dates etc. Escorting has proven to be extremely popular as of recent, with plenty more people uptaking into this new industry.

escort jobs northamptonshire


One of the leading agencies in the country is now recruiting for and is looking for aspiring girls to join their agency. Its well worth taking a look into if you’re looking for a part time job. Escorting can be undertaken alongside your regular full time job, so there’s no conflict and doesn’t mean you have to move around things with a current employer. Well worth taking a look at if you’re looking for that bit of extra cash.

Watches For Women

It is well known that women change their minds on what they want at the drop of a hat, so buying her the right present or gift can be a difficult decision that can either go wonderfully or horribly. Diamonds are known to be a woman’s best friend, but I also believe that a watch can be too if its the right one for her. Buying a woman the perfect watch on a special occasion can show how much she really means to you, with all of the watches for women out there there is no excuse to not find the perfect one that matches her looks and personality. In today’s modern society its not unheard of for a woman to receive a watch instead of an engagement ring when being proposed to, symbolizing timeless love and affection for one another.

Watches can come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, materials and designs and knowing which one to buy can often be the hardest decision, if its for a big occasion ask for advice from her friends or family to ensure that you buy the right one. There’s nothing worse than forking out a load of money for a special gift for it to be kept in the bottom of the dresser for years to come after the initial one day wearing on the day of the occasion its self, so be careful and ensure you have the right one!

Land Drainage Pipes Saved My Marriage!

Flooding within the UK is inevitable due to its wonderful climate where rain precedes rain which precedes rain in all four seasons every year. My house lies on a trough of land which over the previous years has flooded due to the poor drainage and the seemingly impermeable land. As a farmer who specializes in growing crops to support my family, if floods are bad consistently each year then my crops don’t grow, money becomes tight and domestic arguments are created between my wife about our current financial situations. Due to floods and a low income of money, we still haven’t been able to afford to go on our honeymoon which seemed like it was never going to happen this time last year when the flash floods struck once again.

However this all changed once I discovered land drainage pipes. Land drainage pipes are relatively cheap but can make the whole world of difference to my land. The pipes allow the excess surface water to run off underneath the surface of the land into a designated collection point or back into the local river just off my land. With the new installments I was eager to see how different things would be this year once the floods hit, but i was not prepared for the amazing outcome. the drainage was so effective the majority of the excess surface water disappeared within the first few hours of the rain falling.

Over the past year this has meant that my land has been saved and is no longer saturated. This means that I have a good income, bills get paid on time every time and arguments about current finances with my wife have stopped. We have booked to finally go on our honeymoon next year and our marriage has never been stronger! I would strongly encourage anyone suffering from the same problems as myself to install land drainage pipes. It saved my life and my money, and it can do the same for yours.

Looking For A Prom Limo?

It’s that time of year where you start getting everything in place for your school’s prom and one of the key elements that everyone desires to have on the big day is a limousine! There’s a wide fleet is limousine options available for rental ranging anything from your regular stretch limousine, right through to some great customised vehicles such as a Hummer, Audi or even a converted Ferrari!

But where do you start your search? Well we have found the answer. A new online service called Your Limo Hire who provide a wide range of services including limo, wedding car, prestige and sports car hire in areas nationwide. So if you’re looking for a prom limousine take a look on their website as the prices save on average thirty percent compared with other local companies.

limo hire birmingham


Alternatively, services such as wedding car hire Birmingham, and other areas across the country – being a leading provider of the service with a huge fleet of wedding vehicles including Bentley’s etc. Your Limo Hire has quickly become the leading provider of services around the country, and the reviews so far have been fantastic!

Check it out here

Pass Your Driving Test in a Week!

We all know that when it comes to learning to drive, it can take a lot of motivation to gain your full British driving license. But the reward of doing so is huge, and allows you to travel on the roads freely any time and anywhere you want to go, not having to rely on family members, friends or the dreaded public transport option.

It also can be a costly outgoing, with lessons not coming cheap from most instructors, and the ones that do are most likely for a reason – which results in a poorer quality of tuition and therefore actually taking more time and money to pass your test! Another issue is finding the time to fit it in around your lifestyle, a lot of teenagers get it straight out the way from their seventeenth birthday, but some don’t and when you put it off a few years you may have a busy life, which means fitting lessons in can be an issue.

intensive driving lessons birmingham

Well we have a solution! Some of you may have heard about intensive driving courses or crash driving courses. The aim of these is to teach you everything you need to know about the roads and how to drive, to be in a position to pass your practical driving test after a week. We looked at one particular company offering intensive driving courses Birmingham, and had one of the highest nationwide pass rates out of any school.

When you have regular driving lessons for instance once a week, it can take around at least twenty lessons to pass your test – which can equate to around about half a year. It can be hard to get into the rhythm of learning to drive only learning for an hour a week, you forget a lot of the things because its hard for them to become habit. That’s what makes intensive driving so great, is that your driving all day for a week, so you pick things up really fast and feel confident about driving on the roads.

Bring the Spa to You

Today we will be talking about a recent purchase I made for my home, and that I think a lot of people don’t consider having – and that is a hot tub! Although it may sound a little bit farfetched and not a necessity in life, which is probably true (just about), these things are fantastic and I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

hot tubs

I had quite a large budget when I was looking to buy my hot tub, but there is a vast array of these things from all shapes and sizes, with something suitable to meet every budget – and a lot of companies even offer interest free finance when purchasing, so you haven’t got to stump it all upfront.

A lot of my friends love going on day trips out to the spa, but these can prove to be quite expensive for what you get. There’s no arguing with the fact that a day out with the luxuries of steam rooms, saunas and more is fantastic – but these are expensive, especially if you make regular visits.

If you are from the West Midlands then take a look at hot tubs Wolverhampton or surrounding area’s, then take a look online at this fantastic selection of jacuzzis and tubs ranging to meet all requirements and budgets, you won’t be disappointed. You can place your hot tub either inside or outside depending on where you have the space, I’ve put mine inside and its a fantastic addition to my home.

Energy Conservation

Global warming is a serious issue in the eyes of some global experts who believe the effects are considerably more drastic than is conveyed in the media, and that the planet is under threat. Over the previous three decades, it has been increasingly warmer on the Earth’s surface than any time since 1850 – an obvious sign that changes are occurring.

In today’s post we are going to be discussing rainwater harvesting as a method of energy conservation. This is the collection of water fallen into tanks that can then be recycled and reused for agricultural or gardening purposes as it carries a lot of valuable plant nutrients for growth, and also in the home as drinking water or for things such as washing.

rainwater harvesting


Although rainwater has a lot of good nutrients for plants outside it gathers bacteria which means it would be not good for drinking. Whereas if being used inside, you can position a UV light at the top of your water tank to kill off any bacteria in the water.

Relieve The Stress of Your Wedding

Organising a wedding can be a stressful time for most people, with so many things to think about you just want to get thing’s sorted and out of the way. Today we are going to be looking at a selection of wedding rings and where to find the perfect ring you make your special day one to remember.

Based in the Midlands, if you’re on the lookout for wedding rings jewellery quarter then there is a vast selection available at some of the fantastic jewellery stores located in this beautiful area of Birmingham’s city centre. Ranging from palladium through to platinum and 18ct gold rings, there is certain to be something for you.

wedding rings jewellery quarter

There are rings to meet any requirement and any budget available from some of the many jewellers based around the quarter. The quarter also plays host to a vast amount of heritage and history over the last 300 years, being home to the largest collection of jewellery shops in Europe, you will be sure to find your ring here.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in the Midlands area, people travel from all around the country to visit this iconic place which acts as the epicentre for jewellery trade in the West Midlands.

Places to Visit in Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK’s second city and is home to a population of around a million people, and has some fantastic landmarks, shopping centre’s, restaurants, bars and many more things to do. In today’s post we will be looking into what Birmingham has to offer, and where the best places are to visit this christmas.

Let’s start off with the jewellery quarter, a place of heritage that has been the centre of the jewellery trade in the West Midlands, and one of the largest nationally for some time now, providing some of the best jewellery UK has to offer, ranging from small gold jewellery pieces such as bracelets, chains and earrings.

diamond rings jewellery quarter


The quarter is home to the prestigious museum of the jewellery quarter, which gives an insight into the smith & pepper manufacturing firm, which ceased and closed its doors back in 1981, leaving behind a time capsule of history and heritage for future generations today.

If you’re out looking for christmas present idea’s this christmas head down to the quarter and take a look around some of the fantastic shops offering a wide range of beautiful jewellery pieces.

Some of the diamond rings jewellery quarter are among the best in the country and you will not be disappointed! Let us know in the comments section if you have been to Birmingham this christmas, and what you thought of it.

Service Review – Your Limo Hire

Today’s post will be a review on a relatively new online site you probably haven’t heard about – Your Limo Hire

Travelling to a destination in a limousine can be an amazing addition to the day, and really make it one to remember. Not many people have travelled in these luxury vehicles to a party or event before, but it is often overlooked due to the high price for limousine hire services around the United Kingdom, but no longer.

Your Limo Hire provide limo hire around the United Kingdom, aiming to beat the overpriced rates a lot of people in this industry currently charge for this kind of service.

With a fleet of vehicles ranging from standard limousines to hummer and ferrari ones, they certainly have something that will meet the requirements for almost any occasion.

Their services cover limo hire Birmingham and surrounding areas, and also the recent inclusion of Essex and London just shows how great this amazing up and coming service is.

Having recently used Your Limo Hire myself when out for a friends birthday, I can only provide praise and positive comments about the whole way it went, amazing service on the day and no less than you’d expect from any limousine company, but at a fantastic cost!

Take a look over at

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How to Cut Down Your Water Bill

We’re always looking for ways to save a bit of money and something we all spend a lot of money on is water. I have a solution that will help to reduce your water bill massively and has done so for me around thirty percent last year.

Have you ever considered a rainwater collection system to reuse fallen water free of charge. You can either leave the water as it falls for reuse with purposes like gardening and agriculture, or you could treat it and use it for things such as drinking.

water tanks

My system collects rainwater into two water tanks which have a capacity of 2000 litres in each. One tank’s water is reused for gardening and agricultural use, and the other is treated and used inside for drinking and washing. The  water from the treated tank is filtered and and wastage is removed through a drainage pipe.

These rainwater systems are a fantastic way of saving money if implemented correctly, but can be very cost heavy initially so its important to figure out whether or not it would be the right decision for you.

Also having a land drainage pipe system to remove any wastage is very very important.

Diamond Certification

What Are Diamond Certificates?

A diamond certificate accompanies a stone to make it certified by an institution of diamonds. The certificate will detail key factors about the stone such as its fluorescence, carat weight and clarity. Providing the buyer with a certificate will give them confidence when making a purchase.

certified diamonds

There may be no difference between certified diamonds and non certificated ones. But quality and legal assurances come in conjunction with a certified diamond, and in the event that an insurance claim was ever involved with the stone, it would allow value to be determined and make claiming any money or having a replacement made easier.

If you buy a non cert diamond then you are taking the risk of the sellers word of mouth, that is why most people only deal with certificated ones because of the difference in views between various jewellers causes discrepancies.

Great Lawyer Firm in West Midlands

Sometimes if you’ve had an accident at work or are having some family issues during a divorce it will be required that you seek legal advice to know your rights and entitlements. There are many procedures that require extensive legal council through courts and it is important to make sure you get what is rightfully yours.

I recently had a problem during my divorce as to the ownership of some property, I went and spoke to a solicitor Birmingham about what my entitlement was towards the property and in court the right decision was made that I would receive my full rightful ownership of it. He was very helpful in keeping me up to date throughout the case and life simple for me.

They were also available to offer legal services for things during the workplace. A lot of employees around the country are not fully aware of their entitlements at work when it comes to things such as holiday, hours, breaks and a lot more. This can lead to the extortion of people within the workplace, but with the help of a solicitor you can help fight this.

solicitor birmingham

Read more here for some information regarding the law and what services are available.


Product Review: 9ct Gold Hoop Earrings

Today’s quick review we will be taking a look over a pair of 9ct gold hoop earrings purchased from a store in Birmingham’s infamous Jewellery Quarter.

9ct gold hoop earrings

After heading out in the winter weather looking on the hunt for christmas presents I stumbled across a shop called Goldcraft Jewellers, a family built business that start off small and now boasts a beautiful range of pieces from earrings through to engagement jewellery. While still maintaing the family values it makes for an excellent shopping experience.

The price on the earrings was very competitive with any other shop and online prices too, well worth taking a look at if you are ever in and around the jewellery quarter. Some extremely helpful and welcoming staff who listen to your individual requirements and provide you with a range of beautiful pieces to meet your needs.

Shopping for the Summer

As crazy as it sounds posting this in November, when we haven’t even reached christmas yet, and the cold dark nights have well and truly set in, it’s time to get a bit of shopping done for  summer 2014!

After recently booking my summer holiday to Tenerife for next July, I thought to myself why not get ahead of the game and beat the summer rush and prices for clothes and get in there now. A lot of shops are well and truly deep into their autumn/winter collections, which means that a lot of summer lines have been discontinued, but there are still some perfect buys out there to be found pre summer.

I was on the lookout for designer swim shorts and came across a great brand called OKUN. They produce some fantastic African themed designer swimwear at great prices, well worth taking a look at their online shop to see if there’s something that you like.

Stay ahead of the game for next summer and get in early when it comes to the shopping. Everyone will be running around at the same time next year, when prices are inflated and stock is low, so avoid disappointment and get in there now!

Travel Like a Celebrity

Got a big event coming up like a birthday or celebrations, why not  arrive in style by travelling in a limousine!

There’s all been times such as your 18th or 21st birthday party, your prom, your wedding, anything when you can arrive style with limo hire. The days of the horse and carriage are now in the past and a company called Your Limo Hire are providing an excellent hire service in areas around the United Kingdom.

We recently looked for limo hire Birmingham and rang up various local companies to get a few quotes for an upcoming birthday party. The majority of prices were far in excess of what we were expecting and it wasn’t looking likely that we were going to bother because of the expense.

That’s when we stumbled across Your Limo Hire, offering services around the UK I decided to give them a call and ended up getting a quote for about 30 percent less than anyone else had come to me with. Fantastic service at an affordable price, definitely worth trying and I would recommend to anyone!

 limo hire birmingham

Special Rings for Your Special Day

Finding the right wedding ring can be a difficult task, I recently headed out in Birmingham’s prestigious Jewellery Quarter the other day to look for the perfect ring. Having set a rough budget in mind for what I was looking for, I went out into a variety of jewellers to see what was on offer within my price range.

Looking for wedding rings jewellery quarter was proving to be a more difficult task than I had first thought but I visited a shop called Goldcraft who showcased some brilliant pieces at great competitive prices. A family run jewellery business in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, built up from just a small jewellery shop and now one of the leading shops in the quarter, Goldcraft offer a wide range of jewellery pieces ranging anything from earrings to diamond engagement rings.

I told the helpful assistants at the shop what I was looking for and my price range, and they presented me with a range of beautiful rings. They talked me through each one and more about what I was looking for, having left the shop with everything sorted I couldn’t have been happier and would recommend them to anyone.

Looking for diamond rings jewellery quarter, take a look in Goldcraft at their extensive collection of diamond jewellery with something for everyone.

diamond ring


Keeping Your Audience Coming Back

Many people don’t understand the importance of having a great website. From within moments of landing on your home page, people make up their minds quickly about their perception of a website, no matter what the content may be. The build of a website also has an effect on things such as search engine optimisation (SEO), which is important for driving targeted traffic to your site.

The way a site interacts with the user is important, by offering easy to navigate menu’s and content using internal linking, this allows natural page to page movement for users and for search engines. A website with broken links or menu’s that overlap or disappear will be unappealing and difficult to use.

Think about when you land on a website that is poorly constructed or doesn’t work properly, it won’t take long to revert back to the search engine results and move onto the next option, why would you want this to be your site?

We recently spoke to a web design Birmingham agency who had this to say:

With the prevalence and availability of the internet for everyone these days from computers and tablets through to mobiles with high-speed data networks, we’re all online. Creating a website is more than just a page on the net, it portrays your brand, your business, the products and services you offer. Making sure you encapture the attention of your target audience is crucial in terms of securing business and return visits to the site. We offer a range of bespoke packages for all types of people and businesses at fantastic prices to meet everyones requirements.

Google values quality information and you have maybe heard the phrase ‘content is king’ thrown around the web. Making sure you provide your audience with the highest quality and relevant content is important for SEO and to keep people coming back to the site.

For more information visit here

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